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Lenny Wong Toronto

Founder & Owner, Business Supplies and Equipment

Lenny Wong Toronto's Bio:

Toronto’s Len Wong (who also goes by Lenny Wong and Leonard Wong) is an expert in the art and science of medical cannabis. With over 16 years of professional experience, he has focused in career on genetics research and developing the drug for medicinal purposes. Len Wong is the master grower and founder of Genetix Consulting, a cannabis consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario, as well as The Grow Depot. Throughout his career, Len has focused on developing a product that is useful and environmentally safe. He works on guiding the product development process from seedling all the way to market, with his passion for genetic research and development earning him a reputation as a greenhouse and organic specialist. Certified as a medical cannabis consultant under Health Canada’s Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR), Len now works as a consultant to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMP). Growing cannabis in the Canadian climate can be a challenge, but one that Len has worked to overcome. He has been able to create plants that are mildew and pest-resistant, which makes them hearty enough to survive in the region. Through a series of SOP’s and protocols, Len has developed instructions on pest and disease control for cannabis plants. These developments have lead to better harvesting methods and growing techniques. His tips have also allowed clients to cultivate their own high-yield and high-quality medicinal plants. Len also serves as an advisor to Cann Help Clinics, which is a specialized facility that is skilled at assessing patients to determine if their situation could be bettered through medical marijuana treatments. Part of his role is to work with physicians to determine the correct genetic strains to treat patient symptoms. Len Wong’s horticultural expertise coupled with his extensive business experience make him an asset to the medical cannabis industry.

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